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Outbound Call Center Services

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Why Choose Cybrosys Outbond Call Service?

Cybrosys: Your solution for expert outbound call center services

Increase sales and strengthen your customer service with Specialty’s outbound call center services. In addition to lead generation services like appointment setting and telemarketing, we can work on the customer service side as well with programs like market research and outbound surveys. We’ve been helping businesses of all sizes for over 30 years.

Call Center Surveys and Market Research Services

In order to attract more customers, you need to know what consumers are interested in. The only way to do this, is to research the market they’re shopping in. Through outbound calling, our call center surveys and market research services can scope the market for you to collect feedback, which you can use to help attract more customers.

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Customer Win-Back Services

No matter how great your business is, you’re going to lose customers from time to time. However, there are always opportunities to win them back. Whether you’re offering a new promotion, another free trial, or can offer some other type of incentive, our customer win-back services can call out to old customers for you to try to get them back as paying customers. If they’re truly uninterested, our agents can pass the feedback along to your team so you can take them off your distribution list.

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Lead Generation Call Center Service

Before a business is able to capture a lead, they need to generate a lead, and utilizing our lead generation call center service to do this is a great approach. Simply provide our agents a list of potential leads you have compiled and we can call through to determine who would like more information, and who is just not interested.

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Why choose Specialty?

Specialty Answering Service is the outbound contact center businesses know and love. Our telemarketing services and win-back sales yield you new customers, while our market research and reminder calls help keep existing customers happy. Partner with SAS today to see just how we can help transform your business.

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B2B Telemarketing

While robocalls and bad timing has given telemarketing a bad rep, it’s actually a helpful tool many businesses use to target new customers. As productive as telemarketing is, it’s a resource hog. That’s why many businesses look to outsource B2B telemarketing calls to an outbound call center like SAS. Simply upload your list of leads, and our agents will do the rest.

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Direct Response Call Center

Direct response campaigns and infomercials can be tricky for any call center to handle. The call volume a direct response campaign generates can be a staffing nightmare, where inadequate representation leads to long hold times, increased hang-ups, and missed opportunities. If you’re running a DRTV campaign, trust the experience of our direct response call center to setup, maintain, and staff your account properly to get you the highest ROI.

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